Film Music


Aki Spadaro has been composing and producing scores for fiction and documentary films since 2005.


 In 2013 he started conducting research on live improvised film sonorization. Among other things, this exploration has led to the realization of projects such as “The Unveiling” and “Music For The Eyes” (lecture/recital).

From 2014 Aki Spadaro is attending a Master program in Composing For Film at Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

In 2015 he composed and produced the score for the short film "Vandaag", which won the award for best short film in the Dutch YAKFA Festival and was selected in 2016 for the International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen.





2005 - "I Saurrieri" (documentary)  - prod. CRICD/FILMOTECA REGIONALE SICILIANA

2006 - "Scrittori A Palermo" (documentary) - prod. CRICD/FILMOTECA REGIONALE SICILIANA

2007 - "Ricerche Di Mercato" (documentary) - prod. CLCT Broadcasting

2015 - "Krabbendans" (fiction) Prod. Komen/Kuijper/Van Dorland

2015 - "Water Aan Wal" (documentary) - prod. Nederlandse Filmacademie

2015 - "Vandaag" (fiction) - prod. Nederlandse Filmacademie (watch trailer)

2016 - "Tabee" (documentary) - prod. Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten, Utrecht

2016 - "Op Zuid" (fiction) - prod. Nederlandse Filmacademie

2016 - "Het Nachtelijk Halfrond" (documentary) - prod. Nederlandse Filmacademie




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